The ABC of South America

Militarily, the three most powerful nations in South America have always been Argentina, Brazil and Chile. Having already released the latter two Imperial Skies fleets, we’re completing the alphabetical trifecta with the Argentines.

There are seven models in the fleet with replacements for the existing five vessels, plus two new additions in the shape of the Libertad battlecruiser and Guerrico frigate. The new models are in line with our other upgraded fleets, with better detail, separate turrets and resin hulls for the heavier ships.

VAN-1301 – Moreno class Battleship – £8.00
VAN-1302 – Buenos Aires class Heavy Cruiser – £3.00
VAN-1303 – Patagonia class Light Cruiser – £2.50
VAN-1304 – Mendoza class Destroyer – £2.00
VAN-1305 – Rosales class Torpedo Frigate – £1.00
VAN-1306 – Libertad class Battlecruiser – £8.00
VAN-1307 – Guerrico class Frigate – £1.00

VANFP-1301 – Argentine Fleet Pack – £21.50
VANFP-1311 – Argentine Torpedo Flotilla – £21.50

Ambulance Chasers

It’s back to the new releases again, today with a pair of 15mm military ambulances. Both are designed to also be dual purpose and usable as command or utility vehicles as well.

The PacFed Sharkey ambulance is a wide-bodied grav vehicle. The main hull flares out either side into a pair of sponsons each with racks for two stretcher cases, and the roomy hull leaves plenty of space for the medical crew to work. A Sharkey is large enough to act as an emergency field operating theatre with a compact robotic surgeon to back up any human counterpart.

The same hull, when fitted with a full command and electronic warfare suite, is known as the Rangatira command vehicle. These are used up to company level – at battalion level and beyond the larger Bennelongs are used.

The Sharkey/Rangatira has a single-piece resin hull with a metal crew hatch. The hull has a 7mm turret ring which is covered by a blanking plate on the Sharkey or mounts a radar in the Rangatira. It will also accept a small gun or missile turret, or you could even mount a small crane to make an engineering vehicle.

The EuroFed Legion Etranger utilise the Catroux 10-wheeled hull for most purposes, including command and ambulance variants. Like the PacFed equivalent, the same hull can be a command vehicle or ambulance by swapping over the blanking plate or radar.

SF15-408b – Catroux Command Vehicle – £8.00
SF15-408g – Catroux Ambulance – £8.00
SF15-715 – Sharkey Ambulance – £7.50
SF15-715a – Rangatira Command Vehicle – £7.50

All of these (command versions as well as ambulances) are part of our Surgeon General charity fund-raising range. 50% of the ex-VAT price of these models will be donated to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Houses of Healing

Next up on the Salute 21 conveyor belt are our 2mm scale hospitals. Both designed by Phil, they are based on real ones that are (relatively) close to us in Kent

The Modern Hospital is a stark, white, clean affair with lots of airy windows.

The large Victorian Hospital has a cloistered central courtyard to allow the patients to get some fresh air, with a classic design that includes a colonnaded side entrance. It’s paired with a second, much smaller cottage hospital that looks very much like it’s had bits added to it over the years. Both would also serve equally well as a stately home or manor house respectively.

Finally in today’s releases, we have the Aldeburgh Martello tower. One of over 100 defensive towers that used to ring the coast of south east England, the Aldeburgh example is unique in its quatrefoil design.

SSS-8175 – Albeburgh Martello – £1.00
SSS-8176 – Victorian Hospitals (x2) – £3.50
SSS-8177 – Modern Hospital – £4.50

The two hospital models are part of our Surgeon General charity fund-raising range. 50% of the ex-VAT price of these models will be donated to Macmillan Cancer Support.

The Lady with the Lamp

Next off the Salute conveyor belt is the Nightingale Hospital Ship, a new Merchant vessel for Imperial Skies. It’s the size of a battleship and has plenty of game value as an objective or even maybe a game where you have to rescue survivors from another stricken craft. Alternatively, with a different paint job it would serve as a liner or troop ship. There’s plenty of open deck space to fit it with turrets from our Accessories range to turn it into an armed merchant or Q-Ship.

VAN-5019 – Nightingale Hospital Ship – £6.00

The Nightingale is part of our Surgeon General charity fund-raising range. 50% of the ex-VAT price of this model will be donated to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Stellar Hauler

Hitting the website today is the Neptune Conveyor, a medium sized cargo spaceship. A simple three-piece model (resin hull, metal engines and probe), it is also available in a new third Merchant Convoy pack along with two each of the medium freighters that came out earlier in the year.

Neptune Conveyor

SFSP-5003 – Merchant Convoy #3 – £21.50
SFS-5027 – Neptune Conveyor – £4.00

Medical Centres

The next batch of new releases to arrive on the website are these three 6mm Medical Centres, one each in the Desert Buildings, Research Base and Moonbase ranges.

Desert Medical Centre
Research Base Medical Centre
Moonbase Medical Centre

These models are the first in our new Macmillan charity fund-raising range. 50% of the ex-VAT price of these models will be donated to Macmillan Cancer Support. All of the models will be listed in the ranges in which they belong, and there is also a separate page for the range, which we’ve christened the Surgeon General range, which will bring all of the models together. We’ll update the page as we go along with how much money we’ve raised (we’re not expecting to raise a fortune, but every little helps).

B300-148 – Desert Medical Centre – £3.50
B300-507 – Research Base Medical Centre – £2.00
B300-606 – Moonbase Medical Centre – £3.00

Salute 21 – First Additions

After some much-needed R&R following Salute, we’re starting to feed the new releases from the show onto the website. Today we’re starting with three coastal forts in our 1/700th range.

The Lascaris Towers were built in the 17th Century by the Order of St John in Malta. Our set consists of two small watchtowers and a larger artillery tower, of which there are several examples of both on the island. It also has the much larger Saint Agatha’s Tower, which is a bastioned watchtower painted an unusual pinkish-red colour.

Lascaris Towers

Fort Paté is a Vauban fortification on an islet in the Gironde estuary in France built at the end of the 17th century. Along with Fort Médoc and the citadel of Blaye, it defended the approaches to the city of Bordeaux.

Fort Pate

The final new model is Aldeburgh Martello Tower from the Suffolk coast, the largest of the Martello Towers on the UK coastline. It’s effectively four towers joined together to give it a distinctive quatrefoil shape.

If you think you’ve seen some of these before, both Fort Paté and the Lascaris Towers were recent additions to the Small Scale Scenery range – these versions are that bit bigger.

B700-170 – Lascaris Towers – £3.50
B700-173 – Fort Paté – £3.00
B700-175 – Aldeburgh Martello – £1.50

Salute 21 – The Final Tally

As this post is published, we’ll be loading the van ready for the drive to ExCel where we’ll be setting up for Salute tomorrow.

We have some last minute additions to the roster; the 15mm Sincanmo dune buggies get some heavy support in the shape of this 8×8 armoured car, with several turret options. There are also three new buggy variants – a 4×4 scout, plus 6×6 and half-track command vehicles.

We also have a new Celtos figure,a Vanir Healer sculpted by Jeremey. He doesn’t have a name yet, but might get one later.

Finally (yes, really finally), drifting majestically into view we have the Nightingale class hospital ship for Imperial Skies.

This seems like a good time to summarise all of the new models that we plan to have tomorrow (on the assumption that we remember to bring them with us – yes, there has been the odd occasion when we’ve managed to leave all the stock of one of our new releases behind…). The models with an (M) after the price are part of our charity fundraiser – 50% of the ex-VAT price of these models will be donated to Macmillan Cancer Support.

15mm Sincanmo
HS15-2901 – Garaad 8×8 Heavy Armoured Car – £7.50
HS15-2901a – Garaad 8×8 AA Car – £7.50
HS15-2901b – Ugass 8×8 Command Car – £7.50
HS15-2902 – Naib 6×6 Technical – £7.00
HS15-2902a – Naib 6×6 Troop Carrier – £7.00
HS15-2902b – Naib 6×6 Command Car – £7.00
HS15-2902c – Naib 6×6 AA Truck – £7.50
HS15-2903 – Aamir Half-track – £7.00
HS15-2903a – Aamir Half-track Troop Carrier – £7.00
HS15-2903b – Aamir Command Half-track – £7.00
HS15-2903c – Aamir AA Half-track – £7.50
HS15-2904 – Qaadi 4×4 Utility – £6.00
HS15-2904a – Qaadi 4×4 EW Car- £6.00
HS15-2904 – Qaadi 4×4 Scout – £6.00

15mm Ambulances
HS15-408g – Catroux Ambulance – £8.00 (M)
HS15-715 – PacFed Ambulance – £7.50 (M)

6mm Buildings
B300-148 – Desert Medical Centre – £3.00 (M)
B300-507 – Research Base Medical Centre – £2.00 (M)
B300-606 – Moonbase Medical Centre – £3.00 (M)

CLT-212 – Vanir Healer – £4.00 (M)

Small Scale Scenery
SSS-8174 – Albeburgh Martello – £1.00
SSS-8176 – Victorian Hospitals – £3.50 (M)
SSS-8177 – Modern Hospital – £4.50 (M)

SFS-5027 – Neptune Conveyor – £4.00

Imperial Skies
VAN-5019 – Nightingale Hospital Ship – £6.00 (M)
VAN-1301 – Moreno Battleship – £8.00
VAN-1302 – Buenos Aires Cruiser – £3.00
VAN-1303 – Patagonia Cruiser – £2.50
VAN-1304 – Mendoza Destroyer – £2.00
VAN-1305 – Rosales Torpedo Frigate – £1.00
VAN-1306 – Libertad Battlecruiser – £8.00
VAN-1307 – Guerrico Frigate – £1.00

1/700 Forts
B700-170 – Lascaris Towers – £3.50
B700-173 – Fort Pate – £3.00
B700-175 – Aldeburgh Martello – £1.50

Salute 2021 – Micro-Hospitals

Phil gets in on the act today, with three new Small Scale Scenery pieces – a modern hospital building, plus not one but two Victorian-era ones.

The modern one (left) is a large, multi-storey building with loads of windows. The larger of the two Victorian hospitals is a stone building with multiple wings and a central garden for patients to convalesce in. There is also a much smaller cottage hospital, typical of one in a small town or large village.

These models will also be part of our Surgeon General range, raising money for the Macmillan Cancer Support charity. We’re still hoping to be able to squeeze more in before Saturday.

You might have noticed that we’re previewing undercoated or part-painted models; Tony’s a bit behind on the painting, but they should all be finished and ready for the Salute stand. We’ll go back and update the photos as soon as he’s got the last coat of varnish on everything.

Salute 2021 – Armoured Ambulances

Next in line for Saturday’s releases is a pair of 15mm Sci-fi armoured ambulances. The first is from our Pacific Federation range of grav tanks, and thus would also serve for the Terran Authority Starmarines in Hammer’s Slammers. It’s essentially a slightly smaller version of the 6mm Bennelong model with a boxy body which flares out either side for additional space. Cunningly, it’s designed so that as well as an ambulance, it’ll also serve as a command or utility vehicle; there is a turret mount on the right hand side of the superstructure that will accept a radar, small turret or even a small crane, as well as the blanking plate seen on the left hand model.

PacFed ambulance and command vehicle

The second model is a European Confederation design based on the Catrous 10-wheeler chassis. Like the PacFed example, it has a standard turret mount for radar, gun or missile mounts or again, just the blanking plate for the ambulance version. Unfortunately my sample model is currently sitting in the shed with its coat of Army Painter Quickshade drying overnight, so you’ll just have to make do with a CGI version instead…

Both of these models will be part of our MacMillan fund-raiser, which we’ve christened the Surgeon General range, so we’ll be donating 50% of the sale price of each model to the Macmillan Cancer Support charity. More tomorrow..